About Yafe seeds production

Company Profile

Yafe Seed Production has more than 60 employees, working 2 major season a year (or in special cases, between the seasons).

In 1992, the family established YSP and started producing vegetable seeds in greenhouses and open field, for the ZERAIM GEDERA LTD (today Syngenta). The seed production is managed by Oded Yafe.

The greenhouse farm is located in Beit Lehem Haglilit in the north of Israel.

The farm is specialized in vegetables seeds production of tomato, pepper, watermelon, melon & squash. Our biggest customer is Syngenta.

Yafe Seeds Production has a Quality Management System in compliance with the GSPP protocol and subjected to the seed companies requirements while working according to the Israeli legislation and the PPIS regulations.

Production is carried out both in greenhouses and open field.

Yafe Seeds Production
Yafe Seeds Production

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply our products with the best quality, keeping our customers & our stuff at a high level of satisfaction.

Our History

The farm was established as a family business (till nowdays) in Yavniel, located in northern part of ISRAEL by Avigdor Yafe in 1910 and dealt with field crops and livestock.

With the establishment of the State of ISRAEL, the farm has been specialized in growing vegetables for export and industry.